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About HuaShen

HuaShen International Group was established in 1992, which was founded in China, developed in Central Asia and brilliant in Eastern Europe, and it’s also a transnational enterprise group of researches and develops, produces, sells health care products that is supported by the new and high technology.  It’s a member of China Health Care Nutrition Council.

The general headquarters of the HuaShen international group is located in the high and new technology development zone of Harbin, The administrative center of domestic business, the international marketing center and new products research and development center have been built in HuaShen international, Possess one keen-witted and capable enterprise team that formed by inner field elite group who are professional in the fields of researching and developing, managing and marketing.

5 large production bases were founded in the Northeast, North China, Middle China and South China. Our company has set up 4 large districts, 22 branch companies in Asia,  Europe, North America and Africa.

Millions distributors spread all over more than 40 countries and regions in the world. They not only disseminate the culture of Chinese 5,000 years’ history of health care to the people of the world, offer a large number of employment position, but also make a great deal of people’s wealth and enterprise dream come true.

Develop four major series of health care dress, health food, health care drink, health treatment, over one hundred kinds of detail products. And in a short period of time, HuaShen has dominated the international market rapidly, has obtained the amazing achievement.

HuaShen international insists forever that science and technology is the foundation of revitalizing the enterprise, advocating innovating is the constant motive force of enterprise’s development. Base on the high universities, successively cooperating with a lot of Hi-Tech research institutes in China, have engaged a lot of trade leading experts as the technical backbone, and have built a technology research team with technology mastering, strong innovation ability, and high-quality scientific research ability. Modern science and technology are combined successfully with traditional Chinese medicine culture,

HuaShen Created the high technological biology material-----bio-light, exploited air opposing sprinkle model supersonic crushing technique. The bio-light series of products base on the safe side and good function comply with the " Green treatment, indirect treating " International trend, was called the best health care doctor of 21 century. The superfine processing technology can take the leading rank. Because of its processing technology such as ultra-low temperature, supersonic, air opposing sprinkle model, microns nanometer level crushing technology can lead world trends. Winning multiple patents, Extensive application in such fields as medicine, health care, food

The costume base owns the first-class modern production workshop, new generation Italian underwear product line, whole forming seamless production equipment; food and beverage base is the China membership of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program), main healthy products enterprise, which is also the authentication enterprise of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Our group established the “HuaShen investment Co. Ltd.” in Russia in 1999. Applying the brand of “HuaShen” overseas formally, beginning the marvelous journey of the internationalization. In 2005, the domestic company in China would be renamed as “HuaShen “in unison. And Huashen entered Africa market in 2006 and America in 2007.

Huashen international regard strong comprehensive brand advantage as the engine, form the market operating network with the unique marketing system, base on the Management idea of “customer focused, technology is motility and build international brands. “ Build up a multinational marketing system and became the “health care kingdom” to offer healthy products to all over the world.

It takes ten years to grow tree, but a hundred to rear people. Huashen insisting" concentrate on" doing "professional" things, creating the world’s leading products and getting the century achievements.