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Socks with biophotons "Huashen"

Socks with biophotons "Huashen"
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Manufacturer: Huashen
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In size foot (feet)

22-24 cm = 33 ~ 36 pp
24-26 cm = 36 ~ 39 pp
26-28 cm = 39 ~ 42 pp
28-30 cm = 42 ~ 45 pp

The kit consists of a pair of socks

Socks remove unpleasant smell, itching, cracking, sweating. Stimulate blood circulation, relieve fatigue, anti-inflammatory effect and a massage.
Eliminate pain, numbness in the legs, protect the feet during a long walk. Produce foot massage to stimulate a good sleep.


Begin to wear socks with 15 minutes, gradually increasing the time of application. Indications:

* Inflammation of the veins of the legs, vasculitis;
* Spurs on the soles of the feet;
* Numbness in the feet and frostbite;
* Gout;
* Cracks on heels and other places of legs - swelling of the feet, ankles;
* Fractures and sprains;
* Improved blood circulation (cleanses the blood, reduced blood viscosity);
* Improving immunity;

Summary health information:

According to traditional Chinese medicine, numerous blood vessels leading to the soles of the feet. The organism has an impact on biologically active points located in the soles of the feet. Thus stimulates circulation and metabolism. Foot reflexology believes that the sole of the foot is susceptible to the stimulation area, with connections to the internal organs. When a person walks barefoot, his feet have an incentive to land, objects, increases the sensitivity of nerve endings, through which impulses are transmitted more rapidly to different internal organs and the brain cortex, normalizes the function of autonomic nerves, endocrine system and internal organs, as well as refreshes the brain. Characteristics of these products: optimal stiffness, high thermal insulation, breathability, comfort, cleanliness.

Application of socks for poor circulation of the lower extremities Diagnosis: diffuse existement goiter grade 3, and poor circulation of the lower extremities. Diagnostic Results "TO" and "after" the application of socks with bio photons.
Excellent results in the treatment of varicose veins. Recommended kit: Belt and Socks

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