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Ankle braces "Huashen"

Ankle braces "Huashen"
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Manufacturer: Huashen
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Healthy legs support overall health of person’s body. It it necessary to be attentive to their condition.

The main function of this product is to regulate the internal channels, to cleanse the blood, to strengthen immune system, to enhance phagocytosis of leukocytes and reticular cells, and bacteriostasis as well.
Ankle braces are used for treatment of arthritis, osteophytes, hyperostosis, sprains, peritendenita, chills, rheumatism in different joints, vasculitis, varices, leg cramps, accelerate healing of  leg fractures. These braces help stimulate blood circulation and relieve fatigue. In addition, these ankle braces have an anti-inflammatory and massage effect, aids in restful sleep, eliminates pain and numbness in the legs.
Characteristics of the featured product:
Optimum relief of stiffness, high thermal insulation, air permeability, user-friendly, cleanliness. Its everyday useage provides a stable and treatment-healing effect.

Recommended use this product:

1. For  Rheumatodic and rheumatoid arthritis.
2. For  pain in the muscles, muscle cramps, numbness of lower leg muscles, neuralgia.
3. For swelling of  legs and ankles.
4. For varicose and widened veins in their legs.
5. For stretching and fractures in their legs.
6. For swellings, and gemiplegii in  legs (of bedridden patients).
7. For Podagra
8. FOr crack(s) at heels of feet and at other places of legs.
9. For improvement of the blood circulation in  legs (blood, lowers viscosity clears blood).
10. Used as a prophylactic for older persons.
11. Used for enhancing the immunity of the organism.

Taking care of product and it’s expiration date:

The product can withstand more than 400 washings without removal of its effects.
We recommend mild washing with water temperatures above 45 ° C
Use only neutral cleaning detergents (recommended baby SOAP).
Do not soak and do not leave the product for a long time in water.
Do not put the product in high temperature, sunlight, heating batteries, and othe active sources of thermal energy.
Lasts for 3 year after opening the packaging.
Greatest effect during the first year of use.

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