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Vita Shower Filter

Vita Shower Filter
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Vita Shower Filter removes Chlorine and organic substances from shower water. It removes chlorine from water and thus protects your skin and hair from harmful effects of chlorine.



Vita Shower Filter: very easy to install and use due to its compact structure. No technician required. According to a survey, 80% of women who used the Vita Shower Filter for a specific period of time, reported positive results. Some of the results included: absence of chlorine odor while showering; improved skin condition and hydration; improved hair condition. Many reported on ease of installation and use.

Water filters are taking permanent residence in American households.

Every year more and more people are becoming health conscious in terms of quality of water available to them at their homes. This awareness is propelled by the growing evidence of the poor quality of drinking water and its negative effects on health. Most metropolitan areas and big cities have water filtration systems which, among other methods, include water treatment by chlorine. This is done to kill off any bacteria that may be present in the water, and, to prevent their propagation. Such chlorine treated water is then delivered through the pipe system to our homes to be used in the showers, bathrooms and kitchens.

However, chlorine is classified as a strong allergen, in other words, frequent exposure to it may cause allergies. Also, it was found to causes many diseases of internal organs, including breast cancer.

Those aware of the negative effects of chlorine in their drinking water, either buy bottled water or install water filters. However, they still take showers with chlorine treated water. During a shower, chlorine is released from water in form of a vapor and gets absorbed by the skin and enters our lungs through nose and mouth, thus contributing to the onset of asthma.

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