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Vest "Huashen"

Vest "Huashen"
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Vest with bio photons "HuaShen" - Your personal physiotherapist hotspots shoulders and back

Technic Basics

"HuaShen" vest with biophotons is based on the theory of Chinese medicine "Good circulation - guarantees pain relief. Indicator of poor circulation, it includes many kinds of natural materials biophotons, its production, the use of advanced international nanometer technology, organically unites a concept of ergonomics with the approach of Chinese acupuncture treatment. This eco-friendly natural products containing no toxins. The mechanism of functioning under the influence of body temperature, BioPhotonic materials infused in the vest, emits biophotons, wavelengths of 5-25 microns, which penetrate the skin to a depth of 3-5 cm, and thus causing high microvibrations blood vessels, resulting in the breakdown and removal of sediments from the walls blood vessels, increasing their volume, decreased resistance to blood flow, stimulates the microcirculation of blood in the shoulders and back, increases the elasticity of the venous capillaries, which greatly relieves acute and reduces discomfort in the cervical vertebrae, the pain in the shoulder and back pain and other symptoms.

Chinese acupuncture treatments attack the disease in all areas of theoretical causing the development of a "HuaShen" vest was the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine to maintain health, BioPhotonic point marked on the surface, clearly correspond to the location of active points on the shoulders and back, which means they are able to effectively promote and clean gentlyi, which gives you the opportunity to forget about the agonizing pains in the shoulders and back.

Vest affects the following hotspots:alt

1. Active point Jian-yu. Stimulation of the active point of the shoulder joint shoulder heals and other diseases.

2. Active point Chien-Ching. Stimulation of the active point takes the edge off the head and eye pain, shoulder pain, as well as mastalgia, dental and other pains in the upper body.

3. Active point Tien-tsung. Stimulation of the active point treats diseases of the shoulders, neck bones, lungs, heart, breasts, etc.

4. Hot Spots chzhuy Yes, Tao-tao, Shen-chu, Shen Tao, Ling-tai and other points on the spine. Stimulation of active points relieves acute pain in the shoulders and back.

Recommended use of  Product:

1. It improves blood circulation and microcirculation in the shoulders and back, activates tissue cells in this area, as well as the lubrication of joints, which allows to weaken the tension of the tendons and alleviates pain in the shoulders, back and other areas.

2. For long-term use increases the blood vessels of problem areas, accelerates lymph flow, cleanses the meridians, provides a smooth circulation of  blood, relieves fatigue, back pain and aching pain in the shoulder blades.

3. It stimulates blood circulation, protects against the cold. Indications for use discomfort in the shoulders and back the state of "pre-disease" and if necessary, daily rehabilitation.

Instructions for Use:

1. Provide a direct contact of the inner surface of the vest, which marks the point of biophotons, skin shoulders and back.

2. The recommended wearing time: to achieve the health effect of 4-8 hours, to ensure the therapeutic effect of 4-12 hours. Wearing within 24 hours provide the best results.

3. When using this product, it is recommended to increase the amount of water consumed per day.

4. If the jacket is used along with other treatments, there is no need to stop using it.

5. Use in conjunction with other products in the series BioPhotonic products will significantly improving health benefits!


1. When washing use only neutral detergents, washing at a temperature of 40 ° C.

2. Not recommended for prolonged soaking, subject to the soft hand-washing.

3. Drying under natural conditions, to avoid drying in direct sunlight or direct exposure to high temperatures.

4. Avoid direct contact with sharp objects to avoid damage.

5. Best effects observed during the three years since the start of or within no more than 400 washings.


1. Internal bleeding or inclination to it.

2. Pregnancy.

3. Patients with high temperatures used with caution.

4. After surgery (heart valve replacement, bypass surgery, etc.) use with caution.

Guide to Health Periarthritis of shoulder joint dislocation of the shoulder makes the pain in the shoulder and back pain unbearable, there is a weakness in the arms and aching muscles, swollen shoulders, performing a time-consuming work is almost impossible, and sometimes even simple chores make you feel constant fatigue, any slight movement awkward ... In this situation, if you are able on their shoulders to carry the burdens of life? 

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Vest "Huashen"
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