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Men’s boxer underwear

Men’s boxer underwear
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Manufacturer: Huashen
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Men’s boxer underwear

Price per Unit (piece): $100.00  

Product overview
Huashen bio-light men’s boxer underwear has been developed around the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  One such concept states that obstructions in our bodies cause aches and pain.

Use and function
Bio-light can improve micro-circulation
The bio-light men’s boxer underwear is capable of emitting bio-light waves of 5μm to 25μm which penetrate the skin by 3-5cm and cause  high-frequency micro-vibrations in blood vessels. These slight vibrations allow the inner walls of the blood vessels to clear out lipid deposits that have collected over time. The result is an increased volume of blood within the vessels, accelerated blood flow, improved micro-circulation in human body, enhanced human immunity.

TCM acupuncture physiotherapy penetrates and cares for the health of men.
Since the Huashen men’s boxer underwear has been designed with TCM theory in mind, the bio-light points are located in relation to acupuncture areas in the abdomen and buttocks. They can effectively excite these parts of the body, freeing the blood channels and network vessels, thus making your genitalia and reproductive system healthier. The men’s boxer underwear primarily concentrates on the following points:
1.Guanyuan point. Guanyuan point is an important point which stores the essence of men. Exciting this point can clear the channels, promote the flow of qi and blood circulation, complement the essence in kidney, and enhance immune functions.
2.Qihai point. Qihai point helps improve weakness, enhance the immunity and resistance, and cure spermatorrhea, impotence and other male diseases.
3.Baliao point. Exciting this point can treat diseases related to lumbosacral portion, lower back pain, sciatica, lower limb paralysis, constipation, prostatitis and sexual disorder.


People-oriented cutting design helps protect male genital organ
The back piece of men’s boxer underwear was processed by seamless three-dimensional tailoring, medium high-waist close-fitting design makes it comfortable to wear and free to sit and lie. According to male physiological character, distinctive isolation design separates penis with scrotum in different space, thus lowers scrotal temperature, prevents and cures scrotal moisture, varicocele, and other male diseases.

Product effects
1.Activates male organ cells, greatly improves partial microcirculation, inhibits and eliminates inflammations and pains, in addition, it has the function to relieve itching, has antifungal and bacteriostatic activity, deodorizes ensuring no offending smell and has diuretic effects.
2.Long-term use can achieve the result of freeing the channels, reducing inflammation and pain, enhancing male organ cells vitality and capability of supplying blood and oxygen, comprehensively improving self-healing power, improving immunity and resistance to diseases of men.
3.The design that separates the penis from the scrotum is good for the growth and development of male genital organ. It helps prevent and cure scrotal moisture, varicocele, spermatorrhea and impotence.
4.Secures essence and tonify yang, long-term use enhances sexual function.

Recommended use:
1.Prostatitis, hyperplasia of prostate gland, testitis, urethritis, scrotum eczema and sexual dysfunctions
2.Hemorrhoids, piles, anal fissure, Constipation and anusitis.
3.Inflammation of the ileum and colon (Chronic Enteritis), Sciatica and pain of hip joint.

Notice for use
1.The inner material of the underwear should come in contact with the skin directly.
2.Increase daily water intake while using this product.
3.Best results will be obtained by wearing the underwear along with other bio-light clothing.

1.Wash with neutral detergent, not exceeding a water temperature of 40

2.This product should not be soaked for prolonged periods in water. Do not use a washing board to scrub clean. Wash gently by hand.
3.Allow to dry in the shade. Avoid exposure to high temperatures.
4.Avoid contact with sharp objects.
5.Optimum effects will be achieved within 3 years of use.

Restricted Use:
1.Those suffering from organ hemorrhaging.
2.Those with abnormally high body temperature.
3.This product should be used with caution by patients recovering from serious operations such as heart bypass surgery, heart stents, cardiac valve replacement, etc.

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Men’s boxer underwear
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