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Toothpaste + brush “HuaShen”

Toothpaste + brush “HuaShen”
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Toothpaste + brush “HuaShen”


complex for strengthening the teeth 

toothpaste + brush “HuaShen”

Toothpaste for strengthening the teeth

The complex for strengthening the teeth was created by “HuaShen” company on the basis of modern, scientific theory of mouth care and taking into account the traditional Chinese medicine in terms of health maintenance theory.  

The basic ingredients are coral plant, which in order to achieve high healing effect is extracted after crushing into molecular level, anti-allergic minerals and high quality silicon abrasives. Combining these natural ingredients enables to achieve the maximum medical effect. 

Toothpaste “HuaShen” for strengthening the teeth contains only natural ingredients, as a result its effectiveness for prevention and high quality treatment of caries is higher than in fluoride toothpaste.  

There is a special toothbrush in the set created from bamboo charcoal which undergoes a processing with special properties. 

Benefits of the set – this is an effective combination of toothpaste and brush, which demonstrate its valuable properties while supplementing and strengthening each other’s healing features. The complex ensures a comprehensive cleaning, care and healing of your mouth and teeth.

The complex for strengthening the teeth “HuaShen”

- it is better than double care!

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Five basic benefits of “HuaShen” toothpaste 

1. Extract from healing corals 

Elimination of inflammation and detoxication, removal of pains and swellings, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory function, effective solution of different mouth cavity problems: ulceration, teeth pain, gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal bleeding, recession and swelling of the gums. 

Healing corals have a long term antibacterial effect. They may also penetrate dental surface, form a protective shell, prevent dental caries and strengthening the teeth. 

From history 

Healing corals – these are curative substances which grow in Southern part of China. In traditional Chinese medical manual Lǐ Shízhēn “Compendium of medical substances” 


Běncǎo Gāngmù there is shown that corals possess various functions: eliminate inflammation and intoxication, remove pains and swellings, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. In ancient times while having a flu, elevated temperature, bruises and inflammation of wounds people usually ground corals and put them on those wounds. Within a short period of time, they notice that corals not only healed the wounds without any sign of it, but cleaned the freshness and comfort of mouth cavity as well. Till these days healing corals are used in Chinese medicine in order to protect people’s health. 

2. Anti-allergic minerals 

The toothpaste effectively softens and eliminates discomfort of mouth cavity that is caused by cold, hot, sour and sweet. Minerals in combination with high quality silicon abrasives decrease the irritation of sensitive teeth, have a special function of cleaning and protecting the teeth. 

3. High quality silicon abrasives 

Silicon abrasives particles are smooth, even, possess a resistance to strong friction and enable to effectively avoid gum and teeth damage. 

4. Nanotechnology 

The ingredients of the toothpaste are produced with the use of high technological micron and nanotechnology what allows them to quickly penetrate and absorb into teeth, gums and walls of mouth cavity. 

5. Taste of “cold freshness”

A cold taste eliminates unpleasant odor in the mouth. Fresh breath gives you an awesome mood with the first sunbeams! 

The Use: 

Healthy people are recommended to wash their teeth 2-3 times per day during 1-3 minutes in order to strengthen the teeth. 

For people suffering from stomatitis and other dental illnesses it is necessary to put the toothpaste on sick spot and rinse the mouth 2-3 minutes in order to improve the condition of mouth cavity. 

Net weight: 100 ml/ 132 g

Toothpaste “HuaShen” – does not contain fluoride 

Toothbrush for strengthening the teeth 

For the production of the toothbrush bristles as a raw material there was used the bamboo which grows in highlands during more than 5 years. Bamboo, during 30 days is burned in high temperatures, what results in formation of dense mass with porous structure which has a moisture resistance and antibacterial substances. Moreover, an obtained bamboo charcoal radiates a favorable for humans terahertz waves and possess negative oxygen ions which contribute to cell activation in an organism, improve bloodstream, promote relaxation, eliminate fatigue, improve inner condition of an organism. 

The color of the toothbrush is black – which is a natural color of bamboo charcoal. 

While washing your teeth, thanks to the unique substances of bamboo charcoal and nanomaterials that make up the content of “HuaShen” toothpaste – the complex shows antibacterial, absorbing, softening and cleaning effect on the surface of the teeth and their surroundings. 

Moisturizing hand cream

Moisturizing hand cream with a green tea extract 

“HuaShen” hand cream with a natural green tea demonstrates antibacterial, moisturizing, bleaching, calming and rejuvenating effect. It not only ensures your hands with a “world without bacteria”, but also has a bleaching effect, increases skin elasticity, slows the aging process and improves rough, dry and limp skin. While a long term use of this cream, your skin becomes smooth and tender, clean and healthy. 


Active deep sea water, chamomile extract, tea polyphenols, squalane, amino acid hydrating cream and hyaluronic acid. 

Fundamental distinction of hand cream with a natural green tea – this is a presence of tea polyphenols which possess an antibacterial and antioxidant effect. An unique, active deep sea water and chamomile extract have a long term hydrating and calming effect, provide hand skin with a sufficient nourishment, making your skin tender and velvet. 


Antibacterial and antimicrobial effect 

Natural green tea extract that exists in cream content has an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. Tea polyphenols may precipitate bacterial protein and deprive it of its activity what not only significantly slows and stops the development of pathogenic microorganisms, but also increases the resistance to new bacteria. This enables your hands to maintain cleanliness and long term health. 


If after washing your hands, you put a protective hand cream with tea polyphenols, then within 2 hours the number of bacteria will be decreased by 80%! (According to the test findings). 

Bleaching and rejuvenating effect

Why wrinkles and pigment spots appear on our skin? During the process of metabolism, there are formed different free radicals in our organism, where 95% of them are considered to be harmful for human organism. For an instance, an excess of oxygen free radicals will lead to the lipid peroxidation, which causes destruction and eventually death of cells, decrease the life efficiency and force of an organism; there will appear signs of skin aging – wrinkles and pigment spots. 

Tea polyphenols – these are strong, natural antioxidants which effectively protect structure of the cells, slow the skin aging process and increase its elasticity. 

Tea polyphenols – inhibit lipid peroxidation, increase the enzyme activity in the organism, accelerate the process of melanin breakdown what leads to the decrease of pigmentation and bleaching of your hand skin. 

Long term hydrating effect 

Specially added active deep sea water  and hyaluronic acid cause a long term hydrating effect, providing a hand skin with an adequate water metabolism. Active deep sea water is rich in deep water energetic substances which stimulate the metabolic processes in deep layers of epidermis, regulating the water balance at the same time. Hyaluronic acid increases the ability to save humidity and has a long term moisturizing effect. 

Calming and rejuvenating effect

Chamomile extract having a softening and calming effect, does not provoke the irritation effect on sensitive skin and also has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, stopping, renewing, anti-allergic and other useful substances. An unique rejuvenating composition contributes to the maintenance of the beauty and health of your hands, making your skin smooth and tender. 

The Use: put the cream on hand skin, gently massaging until a complete absorption of the cream

Note: after using tightly close the lid 

Way to store: store in cool, dry place, avoid putting on direct sunbeams 

Expiration date: 3 years 


Net weight: 65 ml

Standard: QB/T 1857

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