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Belt with biophotons "Huashen"

Belt with biophotons "Huashen"
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Manufacturer: Huashen
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Belt with “HuaShen” bio photons

L = 82 ~ 92 cm.
XL = 88 ~ 98 cm.
2XL = 93 ~ 105 cm.
3XL = 100 ~ 110 cm.
4XL = 106 ~ 117 cm.
5XL = 130 ~ 147 cm.

Color: 1

Note: belts are stretching well. The belt is the most convenient and versatile product.

Wellness benefits:

When you use the <<Belt with bio photons>> not only are the pain and inflammation go awa, but also, importantly, the immunity of the organism improves, and the function of the phagocytes of leucocytes and floor cells also improve. The pains, caused by: pinching of the nerves, functional impairments of the vegetative nervous system and offset inter vertebral discs is disappearing effectively.

We recommend that you wear a belt with bio photon in case of following illnesses:

* Pain in lower back, slight move of inter-vertebral disc, and stretch of back muscles;
* Pain caused by functional disturbances of the autonomic/vegetative nervous system: abdominal pain, bloating.
Painful condition caused by inflammation of the kidney, adrenal weakness, and inflammation of the renal pelvis nephritis;
*Stomachodynia, gastritis, stomach swelling;
* Degenerative-Dystrophic diseases of the spine;
* All inflammations;
* monitors the frequency of the endocrine system;
* Diseases of the liver and gall bladder;
* Diseases of stomach and duodenum of bowel-12;
* Kidney disease;
* Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema);
* Diseases of the small intestine;
* Diseases of the colon;
* Diseases of the pancreas (including diabetes mellitus);
* Inguinal hernia.

Brief medical information:

Offset of the inter-vertebral discs is one of the causes of back pain in the legs. When severe pain in the lumbar region it can spread at your feet, sometimes going numb, one of the lower limbs, sometimes – the two extremities are most common among 40-60 year old men. Inter-vertebral disc is an elastic body with its high content of water located between the breast or back vertebrae. Spinal discs not only provide the flexibility of the spine, but also the physical activity to amortize the spine.

This disease occurs unexpectedly, with a sharp pain that is increased when they cough or sneeze.  The upper back is stretched / bent, in the direction of the pain of the affected limb; forming the "arc of defense." The patient cannot stretch their lower back. Often this is accompanied by the numbing of the limbs and loses of the sensitivity in them. By using the belt with bio photons, the affected inter-vertebral disks are put back in their place in the spine, the pain and inflammation disappear, and the spinal fluidity is returned
Diseases of the stomach. Often there is talking about diseases of the stomach, mainly meaning gastritis, ulcers of the stomach and duodenal ulcers. Among the factors, which are influencing the emergence of these diseases: there is heredity, environmental pollution, poor nutrition, and use of a lot of alcohol. These diseases are starting to develop by the pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, digestive problems etc. By wearing the belt: the immunity becomes stronger, injured cells are restored, and there is bactericidal effect.

Kidney – is the principal organ of the urinary system, which plays an important role in maintaining a constant balance within the body. Right and left kidney which are located on both sides of the spine, adjoin the rear waist, right kidney is situated a little below the left kidney. Kidney blood vessels siphon off large amounts of blood; they form a network of capillaries that are nutrients. The most commonly spread disease of the kidneys.

Osteochondrosis- is a disease that has afflicted humans, made them suffer and has also raised a number of diseases of other organs and systems in the body; it is the most advanced form of degenerative-dystrophic destruction. It is based on progressive devastation of spinal disk degeneration – – involving the related bodies of the vertebrae, inter-vertebral joints and vertebral body wrapping.

Bio photons - improve the processes of the microcirculation, promote restoration of venous outflow, hinder the development of tissue edema, stimulate the work of the ligamentous and muscular spine and joints, promotes regeneration, eliminate pain and inflammation, contribute to the resorption of adhesions (adhesions was repeated exacerbations contribute to sciatica after colds and hypothermia) .

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