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Development Strategy


One aim, two placements and three mystiques

One aim
Sales network covers all over the world in 2008 and sales income exceeds $100 million
The whole market is divided into twelve areas and they are CIS, Europe Union, South Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, East Asia, North America, Central America, South America, South Africa and North Africa. And in the fiscal year of 2008, all the areas above-mentioned are explored completely and sales income exceeds $100 million (according to the exchange rate in Aug 2005). 


Two placements

One is health industry
Specialize in health industry,provide human beings with health care food and health care clothes. Never engage in pharmaceutical industry and ordinary food. Never engage in diversified operation until the world market is saturated. 
The other is direct marketing
Never engage in traditional marketing. Don’t explore domestic market but follow the international trend.

Three mystiques
One is disparate operation

Be different from the enterprise of the same trade and adopt disparate strategies and meanwhile provide different choices for customers. Never make head-on conflicts with the enterprises of the same trade but coexist peacefully and complement mutually.

The other is training

Growth of direct marketing relies on training. We should take root at training and education.

Another is OEC management

OEC is the abbreviation of Overall Every Control and Clear.
With the implementation of this system, Huashen International has enhanced efficiency and improved quality.
Development of any enterprise relies on innovation and management. Implementation of every novelty and originality depends on management.