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Commonweal Activity


Contributed (Products) to Social Welfare Institution of Russia

June 15th, 2007, Hua Shen Alma-Ata Office contributed products worth $1000 to several orphanages in Shymkent City, and they were all moved.

Contributed Products to Gerocomium of He Ping District, in Tianjin City.

Sep. 6th, 2006, several days before Mid-Autumn Day, the social useful activities of cherishing the old, which was started by Mr. Li Wei--board chairman of Hua Shen International Group, was held in Gerocomium of He Ping District in Tianjin.
On that day, the old men and ladies received Bio-light products worth 80,000 RMB, which would bring them health.

During the ceremony, board chairman Li Wei said: “We now step into 21st century, and China will experience a senior-predominant era, to bring them a healthy life: comfortable rooms to live in, quiet places to study and have fun, and offer them opportunities to do something that still counts…All the above relate to every family’s blessedness, and moreover, social harmony and stability; meanwhile, it’s a task of building up a harmonious society, and setting up Value of Honor and Grace. Cherishing the old is one of the Chinese Traditional Virtues; and ‘cherishing the old, there’s no difference between them’ is a good manner rooted in every one of us and also what Hua Shen persists all along. And passion for social charity and public utility and caring for others is Hua Shen’s responsibility!”

“The healthcare Garments we offer the old are all elaborate and world-famous products, and they have markets in more than ten countries and areas, and they’re successfully approved by the cruel and competitive markets. Love brings warmth to every heart in cold weather. I wish these products will relieve sickness and pain, bring more healthcare, joy and warmth, make everyone live happy golden years at ease!”

On the ceremony, after hearing the introduction of the healthcare functions of the contributed products, an old man kept shaking’ hands with Mr. Li Wei, and said: “What we received are not simple gifts, but treasure! What we need now is health. And Hua Shen knows what we are thinking about…”

HuaShen international group sent his loving to Uralsk, which is the city of Kazakhstan 

 6th Dec. 2008, Ata branch of HuaShen international group hold an anniversary celebration in the western city of Kazakhstan, Uralsk. In the activities, HuaShen international group donated about 600$ products to local welfare homes for children. And the distributors also donated about 300$ products to show their love. 

 HuaShen international group never forget to respond society and do his best contribution on children health. And all the distributors of HuaShen also transfer the love to the world and share health and joyful to the people in the world.