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Hat "Huashen"

Hat "Huashen"
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Manufacturer: Huashen
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Health effect.

Healing cap removes fatigue, improves sleep, enhances memory, mental capacity, removes headache, dizziness, hangover condition improves. Protects from cerebral thrombosis, mental weakness, hair loss, due to impaired circulation to the head. Exerts a powerful effect in the treatment of sleep disorders caused by cerebrovascular pathology.

Due to the ability of bio photons reflect biowaves favorable to the human body, as well as by healing effects contained therein biologics, wearing hats expanding medical microvessels of the brain, cleaned of sclerotic deposits, improves blood flow and oxygen to the brain, rebuild damaged brain cells, improves the supply brain nutrients, active thinking, is regulated by nerves.

Healing cap with bio photons helps in curing ailments such as, hypertension, thrombosis, headache (including migraine), dizziness, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, severe dysfunction of the brain (eg, alcoholism), the effects of stroke and other diseases of the brain, including senile dementia, tremor, a disease of the cervical spine, numbness of extremities. In the case of a serious breach in the body in the event of a prolonged disease course hat with bio photons should be used as an adjuvant, along with medication prescribed by a doctor.

It must be noted that treatment using therapeutic laundry bio photons does not enter into any conflict with the medication, traditional treatment, and it is with compatibility. In all, ambiguous situations for you - you should consult with your doctor.

With long-term and regular wearing a cap eliminates the fatigue of the brain, relieves irritability and depressed mood, improves sleep, enhances memory and mental abilities, relaxes the muscles of the head, improves blood flow and oxygen to the brain, accelerates the refreshment of blood and calms the nervous system.

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